Egg #005

This Egg #005 is difficult to make and even more so to get pretty. The issues are: 1) To weave in a symmetrical way so that the centre of the pole ends at the very top of the shell – in particular the upper half is troublesome. 2) To form firm and smooth edges at equator. After three trials I managed to do 1). Concerning 2) I am still not quite happy. Egg #005 is much like Egg #002, but it may open.

I have included patterns combining as many arms as possible on an A4 size sheet of paper. This saves time and enhances accuracy.

When you start weaving, be very strict and only accept what you have made when all the very first little triangles are of the same size around the centre. When you go on weaving make sure that everything is lined up before you continue to the next row.

Form a ring from one of the narrow strips with small notches on Part 8/8. The shorter end should overlap until the first notch. Fix with glue. The ten intervals on the ring correspond to the spacing on the last rows of your egg shell. Fix the ring to the inside of the shell with the paper clips. Work your way around the edge a couple of times until all ten notches are lined up with the same place in the pattern on the shell. Fix with glue.

Everything else is like what you learned making the previous eggs.

Here are the files for cutting: egg 005 cut 1 ; egg 005 cut 2 ; egg 005 cut 3 ; egg 005 cut 4 ; egg 005 cut 5 ; egg 005 cut 6 ; egg 005 cut 7 ; egg 005 cut 8

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