woven pencil front

Woven Pencil

  The Woven Pencil is a challenge for those of you addicted to detail. For weaving the spherical top in the small size necessary a pair of tweezers is mandatory. You also need some paper clips for weaving the pencil shaft. You need two or possibly three colours of paper. Items in the same colour…

Agaric 2

Red Fly Agaric #01 & #02

Anna designed these cute Red Fly Agaric. She made two different shapes and you may rescale the templates to get even more varieties. The white spots you may apply in the amount of your own choice. Fly agaric was first described by Carl Linnaeus (Swedish botanist and the father of modern taxonomy) in 1753, as…


Pinecone #01

      Anna made this Pinecone #01. It is much easier to weave than the spheres and eggs because the point is open. For the Pinecone #01 you need 2 x 8 arms in two or four different colours. The Pinecone made from the templates included is about 15 cm tall. Anna made it…

updated spheres

Spheres updated

It is my Birthday today and my family thought I might need a new cutting machine. My well used Silhouette SD still works fine but it has become pretty noisy lately. The new Cameo has a larger cutting board and that introduces great new possibilities that I am looking forward to explore. First thing to…

sphere 010 weaving

Stave Churches and Sphere #010

This weekend I had a chance of pursuing my interest for Norwegian folk art on location. I visited the Norsk Folkemuseum  (The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History) at Bygdø near Oslo. The primary task was to look at medieval decorations from the old wooden stave churches. The Gol stave church at Bygdø is presently undergoing…

spheres 009

Sphere #009

Sphere #009 is the same sphere as Sphere #001 and you weave as described for that. I have reduced the size so that the ornament would better fit a  Christmas tree. To make it easier to start weaving I have collected 6 arms in one piece. You need 2 x two pieces to make a…

sphere 008

Sphere #008

For this sphere the two sub-strips are completely split. Because they are different they are marked with one or two little notches at the top. When you fix the 16 strips to the ring piece you must alternate between the two types. For Sphere #008 I used two shades of pale yellow and two shades…

sphere 007

Sphere #007

For Sphere #007 the strips have been split in two equally wide sub-strips only connected at the top. I used four colours, two orange and two blue. When fixing the strips to the ring piece alternate between the two colours using e.g. dark orange and dark blue for one ring and the lighter colours for…

Sphere 006

Sphere #006

Using the technique of Sphere #005 you may manage to do also more detailed patterns. This takes some time to weave though. And a file for cutting sphere 006 cut

sphere 005

Sphere #005

If you find that weaving the poles of the closed form does not render your ornament just as crisp and regular as you would wish, this procedure may do the trick. Fix 8 strips close together to a ring piece making the curved shape at the end of the strip follow the inner edge. Gather…