Heart #003 with Spiral

This Heart with Spiral may at first appear rather difficult to weave. You may even panic because the strips all of a sudden look like a mess. But when you’ve tried a few times and given yourself the time to learn how to do it, weaving is in turn very quick. You will need 2…

Heart #002

This heart is easy to weave. You need to cut two large pieces of pink and two smal pieces of white. Then you should put the white pieces outside the pink, line them up, and start weaving in the traditional manner. However, you need to consider making the white strips continuous by leving out some of the weaving.

Winter Teddy

It’s very cold outside and there will be loads of snow by tomorrow. Teddy has found his warm winter coat and soft hat with tassels…. He looks like a small pixie. It was quite some time since I made Teddy. I just realised he came in various resolutions. This should be fixed now for the entire wardrobe.

Heart #001

This heart isn’t cut as the basic Christmas heart. It requires more paper as the strips run out into the blade. It is also a little difficult to weave. You have to start lining up the parts and insert one whole part into the other. Then you must pull out the three outmost strips of…