Heart #001

This heart isn’t cut as the basic Christmas heart. It requires more paper as the strips run out into the blade. It is also a little difficult to weave. You have to start lining up the parts and insert one whole part into the other. Then you must pull out the three outmost strips of the inner part… From here you have to get along on your own…

7 thoughts on “Heart #001

  1. It looks nice, but also likr the others it is difficulr to weave and you should explain “step by step” with pics how to do!

    • Thank you. Yes, we are aware of the difficulties. When we started the blog we had no idea that we would get such a wide audience. The patterns were mostly for Danes. Danes learn basic heart weaving already in kindergarden and there are a lot of books availabe in Danish explaining how to, on loads of variations. We felt that that was the level of our starting point. Later on we have tried to include more detailed instructions. But true, the first models are wanting a thorough revision. We are currently preparing two small books to be published in German. They include thorough instructions. They will be available from January 2014. Lene

      • Oh yes thanks for reply. No problems with weaving when the pattern is with straight lines…
        I have difficulties with the designs with circles etc. I think, i am not an beginner – i make origami etc. since long time, i teached manual art etc (see flickr gerd2007 (!))
        but i have my difficulties with this “circles etc…
        Hope you understzand my problem fields….


        you can reach me on gerd.schenk (at) arcor.de…
        so that i cann send you also a pics ot sketc if i have questions!

  2. Any chance that the books can be printed in English? I’ve made woven paper hearts for years, and am trying to figure this one out. I love your creations!



    • Currently we are working on a book in English; ”The Art of Paper Weaving” to be published by Quarry next summer. It shall include a number of woven hearts as well as a great number of other woven items. There will be thorough instructions and many illustrations.

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