Heart #003 with Spiral

This Heart with Spiral may at first appear rather difficult to weave. You may even panic because the strips all of a sudden look like a mess. But when you’ve tried a few times and given yourself the time to learn how to do it, weaving is in turn very quick.

You will need 2 pieces of paper of quality between 70 and 100 g/m2. Copy paper A4 size is fine, but you may also use glossy paper or metallic paper.

Cut out the heart’s two different parts and a handle.

step 1

1) Fold the two parts along their line of symmetry and place them next to each other – exactly as shown on the picture. The instructions below use the names of the sections and strips indicated. Consider that each part of the heart has a rounded section (A and a) and two arms (B+C and b+c). When you weave, you weave the arms. The rounded sections must just end up visible. This means that when the heart is done there will be in total 2 x 2 = 4 woven “squares”. They are “B over b”, “B under c”, “C under b”, and “C over c”.

step 2

2) Place the white part inside the pink. The two folded edges should be perpendicular to each other forming the heart’s two straight edges. Right now, the first “square” – the pink between the heart’s rounded sections – “B over b” is actually already in place.

step 3

3) The next “square” to weave is “B under c” – this is the white area to the left of “B over b”. Twist the heart and pull the white strip and swirling arms of strip c out through the short slit between the pink section A and strip B. You must work on both sides of the heart.

step 4

4) Line up. The swirling white arm of strip c should touch the end of the pink slit between A and B and form a pretty smooth arch.

step 5    step 6

5) Next you shall prepare weaving the white “square” “C under b” located above the pink “B over b”. Pull the pink strip C out, up, towards the right, and free of the rounded section a of the white piece.

step 7    step 8

6) Insert the pink strip C into the loop of the white strips a+b.

step 9

7) Consider the short slit between strip a and b. The rounded section of the pink piece and the white swirling arm of strip b must be aligned so that they form another pretty smooth arch – on both sides of the heart.

step 10

8) Pull the closed end of the pink strip C to the left until it shows outside the white swirling arm of strip b.

step 11

9) The last “square” to weave is the pink ”C above c”. Just insert the white strip c into the loop of the pink strip C.

step 12

10) Finally you carefully line up all the swirling arms to form the flat swirling pattern.

11) Fix the handle. You may also fix the loose flaps at the top of the heart if they bother you.

And files for cutting: heart 003 pattern new cut 1 ; heart 003 pattern new cut 2


4 thoughts on “Heart #003 with Spiral

  1. This is impossible, please post a video, the steps are unclear! I may be stupid, but that panic you mentioned certainly happened!

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