Heart #006

Heart #006 illustrates how the entire surface of the heart may become part of the woven pattern and how you may make the strips form circles. The heart is somewhat difficult to cut out by hand. Also you should be careful with the loose flaps on top while weaving. You may cheat a little by cutting away the centre of the circle so that the other strip below is visible. You may even cut a hole in this strip as well to look all the way through the heart.


Use paper in two contrasting colors or patterns, 80–130 g/m2 in weight. We have used labels to identify the various strips on each part so that the process is easier to follow.


1. Crease each part along its short line of symmetry and place them side by side as shown.


2. Place the pink piece (with the smaller holes) inside the white (with the larger holes). You will see the smaller holes through the larger ones. The creased edges of the pieces should be perpendicular, with the pink piece’s folded edge facing left and the white piece’s facing right. As you work, make sure the heart is positioned with the point upward. The pieces have been placed correctly if the strips on the outer white piece run from the lower left to the upper right corner.


3. The first strips to be woven are B and 2, which are located in the center where the two sets of the heart’s rounded sections meet; they are already in place. The next strips to be woven are B and 3. Pull strips B, C, and D out through the slit between strips 2 and 3.


4. Place the loop of strip B in front of strips 3 and 4. Place the loops of strips C and D behind strips 3 and 4.


5. Pass strip 3 through the loop of strip B, then insert strip B into the loop of strip 4. Don’t worry about strip A, which is actually two separate half strips forming the heart’s left rounded section as you weave. After weaving strip B in this step, place these half strips A inside the heart when you align the two pieces.


6. Weave the corresponding strips C and 2, which are in the heart’s right half. Pull strips C and D (which you placed on the back side of the heart) through the short slit between strips 1 and 2, then place the loops in front of strips 2, 3, and 4.


7. Pass strip 2 through the loop of strip C. Align the two pieces of the heart so the two short half strips 1 lie flat on its surface. Pass strip D through the loop of strip 2.


8. Pass strip C through the loop of strip 3. Pass strip 4 through the loop of strip C.

9. Weave in the rest of strip D. Make sure it encloses strip 3 after weaving it into the loop of strip 4. Adjust and flatten the heart as needed.

10. Attach the handle with a little glue, making sure not to cover any of the small holes.

11. If desired, you can also glue the small flaps of strip 1 in place outside the heart.

And a file for cutting: heart 006 new cut

2 thoughts on “Heart #006

  1. This one is so delicate! Each time I try to weave it the parts rip and tear off. I started with this one so I could move on to heart #42 but I just can’t make this one. Any hints or suggestions? Can the pattern be altered to allow for thicker strips? I don’t know how to alter the pattern to do this. I have tried this heart using both 24lb (80 g/m2) and 70lb (130 g/m2) weight paper. I imagine the thicker paper is to thick to fit through the small slits properly. If the slits were a tiny bit wider, I might not rip the paper so much. Thanks for any help you can provide. By the way, your instructions were excellent for this one!

    • The only thing to do is to practice and get better acquainted with the weaving process. Then you will not make mistakes and possibly stress the paper. Paper in qualities 80 g/m2 up to 100 g/m2 works fine. Maybe the heavier paper may not tear so easily. I have provided a new and possibly easier to copy pattern at the end of the post – but the template has not been changed. Making the cuts deeper will surely make the paper break while you weave. Lene

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