Heart #007

Just put the smaller parts in different colour on top and weave as usual.

Here are some more detailed instructions.


Image4   Image3

1) Cut out the three pieces in the two colours you prefer.


Image8    Image7

2) Crease all pieces along the short centerline.



3) Wrap the narrow pieces around the solid of the other colour to form the heart’s two parts.



4) Place one part behind the other.


Image12   Image13  ………. and so on.

5) Weave the wider strips as usual. The narrow strips just go along.

And a file for cutting: heart 007 cut

10 thoughts on “Heart #007

    • Hi Kelly
      You may prepare hearts that look impressively complicated just by adding an overlay in a contrasting color. For this heart, we have designed a very simple overlay – it is just stripes a little narrower than those of the basis heart.
      You make the heart with overlay in almost the same way as a basis heart basket. The only difference is that you crease the overlay pieces along the short dashed line (the line of symmetry) and put them around the large heart pieces in the contrasting color before you start weaving. Lene

      • Hi Jesse,

        You may use any type of paper you like. However, it must be strong and not too heavy. We use inexpensive copy/printer paper. Probably you may also use construction paper (suger paper), but I do not know if it is strong enough. I never tried it. It is not common in Denmark. Why not try? Lene

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