Heart #009

This heart requires 6 (well 5) different patterns. I also use 6 different colors. Do consider carefully which you want. Cutting out takes time.  You may produce a traditionally looking heart by using different shades of the same colour for each blade – or you may mix to gain an asymetrical look. Weaving is just like heart #008 but it may take some time lining up everything. The last strip is rather difficult, but weaving is possible although space is scarce.


2 thoughts on “Heart #009

  1. I’ve been trying for at least a week to figure out how this is woven together and still can’t get it. Very frustrating! I would love to make some of these for Valentine’s Day but without clear instructions, I’m going crazy!! Can you give me a hint or two? P.S.: I have pre-ordered your upcoming book “The Art of Paper Weaving” but I just can’t wait for it to arrive. Thank you.

    • First learn to make a simple basic heart with 4 strips. Then make Heart #007. You may prepare hearts that look impressively complicated just by adding an overlay in a contrasting color. For heart #007, we have designed a very simple overlay – it is just stripes a little narrower than those of the basis heart.
      You make the heart with overlay in almost the same way as the basic heart basket. The only difference is that you crease the overlay pieces along the short dashed line (the line of symmetry) and put them around the large heart pieces in the contrasting color before you start weaving.
      Heart #009 is made in the same way as Heart #007. Just remember to start the weaving so that the small heart show in front. Lene

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