Heart #015

This heart is a combination of #003 and #014. It is extremely difficult to weave and due to the multiple layers the result does not turn out as nice as you would wish. It is also too hard to line up and flatten. Thus an alternative – and some dedicated heart weavers may say forbidden – procedure is required.

The heart is made from 8 pieces – two in each of the four colours. First the pink + blue and the red + yellow pieces are paired. They are lined up using the pattern to fit exactly and fixed with a little glue. Then the two double pieces with the blades are lined up and fixed forming the upper part. And then the two double pieces near the point are lined up and fixed forming the lower part. Use the pattern to get an exact fit. At last the lower part is fitted into the upper part and the heart is flattened pulling and adjusting the 2 times 4 arms forming the centre. When lined up the arms will lock the two parts of the heart together.



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