Heart #016

This is my “full surface” version of a “town heart” like the one by Karsten Blem.

The heart is difficult to weave, but not extremely. If weaving look at the picture to get the sequence right. Near the blades some weaving is omitted. You should line up the two parts after weaving each strip. And in no case you must use violence. If the parts will not line up you must identify the cause and sort it out.  A pair of tweezers is a handy tool. You need two different parts.

And if you have a cutting machine: 016 cut 1 ; 016 cut 2


5 thoughts on “Heart #016

    • Dear Ann
      Thank you so much for your fine presentation of my woven hearts. It is always nice to be appreciated. Today the traffic on my blog has been busier than ever. I am glad I learned about your “all things paper” blog. I much enjoyed discovering quilling and its potential through your video and posts. I just have to try the folded roses.

  1. Hi Lene, you’re so welcome; thank you! I’m happy to have introduced you to quilling and hope you’ll give it a try. Something tells me you’ll be a natural at it!

  2. Hello,

    This is a very lovely design, but we are struggling to get the JPEG provided to cut in Silhouette Studio because the lines are too thick for us to trace. Do you possibly have a PDF of this design (which we can then convert to a DXF file and cut)?

    Many thanks,

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