Heart #020

This heart (basket) takes quite some time to cut out, but it is reasonably easy to weave. You need to make two of each pattern included. When you weave the basket just wrap the grass around the stems and weave as any simple heart. However, line up the parts in the correct angle from the start. The heart tends to want to form a less pointed shape and as you weave the friction will make it more difficult to line up in the end. After weaving you decorate the stems with the 20 flower heads. When cutting out make a crease and cut two at the same time. Look at the picture for colouring. You may notice that the two faces have opposite colours. The flower heads may be fixed without using glue. Bend or fold the flower centre to be able to put it through the lower slid. Then fix the head with the small tab in the upper slid. For the handle you may cut two strips one wider than the other.

The heart was inspired by a heart made by Margit Ammentorp: http://margitammentorp.blogspot.com/2009/09/hjerte-med-blomster-det-sker-ofte-at.html

4 thoughts on “Heart #020

  1. hold da op hvor er det flot! Jeg bliver en smule misundelig, for jeg har kæmpet med at lave noget lignende; men mine resultater var sådan, at jeg ikke har vist dem til nogen.

  2. Internettet er et fantastisk kreativt værktøj. Det giver mulighed for umiddelbart at se, hvad mange, mange andre med samme interesser har fundet på. Ved at bygge på hinandens ideer er det muligt at bringe resultaterne langt videre, end man kunne forestille sig.

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