Heart #021

Cutting out takes a lot of time. I used two shades of green and two shades of red. And then white for the fence. First you line up the double blades of the grass  as explained for heart #018.  Then you insert the 6 flower pieces between the grass blades and line up all the strips. This also takes quite some time and requires a great deal of patience. Then carefully you add the fence around each package of strips. Now you may start weaving. It is a comfort that when you have weaved just a little bit everything is fixed and cannot fall apart. Weaving is not difficult but take care to push the woven strips as far back  towards the blades as possible. You need all the strip you can get to be able to weave the last. Don’t even think you may fix anything with glue! Everything must be able to move due to all the creases. After weaving you may line up the strips and arrange the grass and flowers as you like. For the handle you may cut 3 strips of different width. Here you may use glue for fixing to the basket, but only  for fixing and not along the handle.

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