Heart #036

For heart #036 you need to make two different heart pieces. One with stripes and one with stars.

The heart piece with stripes is made joining two half heart pieces with narrow strips. Use one white and one red. To join unfold the heart pieces and place the piece with the upcoming slids in the blade on top. Make one blade at a time putting all the short  strips behind the upper edge of the other piece. Draw carefully down in one piece and up in the other until the two pieces fit. Do likewise with the other blade.

The heart piece with stars is made from three pieces. First you cut out and join two white half pieces with stars. Start joining the slids in the blades and then join the stars one by one. Then you wrap a blue heart piece around the joined white piece.

Now you may start weaving. You shall weave with two blue strips (and two white strips below) and four white/red strips. Plan carefully. The blue squares with the white stars below must show. While weaving the blue strips will protect the stars against damage. After weaving and lining up use a pair of tweezers to draw out the white stars one (half) by one through the slid between the two blue strips. Take care not to damage the stars.

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