Heart #037

Heart #037 is much like #034. First cut out two of each shape. Use four different colours. Cut away where indicated. Join different pieces two and two. Then weave. Weaving is not difficult but the loose flaps tend to go everywhere. Take care not to damage them.

4 thoughts on “Heart #037

    • Mary! It is really very simple. In principle it is a common 2 x 2 square heart. The trick is to generate the two heart parts to weave together. Take two different heart pieces crease them and place the one with the smaller half circle inside one with a larger. This may be done in two ways. The correct one is where the half circles form full circles and you may see through the centre. Now pull forward the semicircles from the layer behind. It may require som patience as the layers tend to move and get entangled. When you have prepared the two heart parts you may weave. Start weaving so that the circles show. Try the best you can to flatten the strip so that the half circles do not get entangled while weaving. Flatten and line up.

      • Alright, thanks. I’ve figured out everything up to the part before weaving both halves of the heart together. When You weave them together, do you fold each half? Thanks for your help!

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