Joined Hearts with Snowflakes

These hearts with snowflakes are made just as described for “Joined Hearts”. To make the hearts prettier glue stick the small joined heart to cover the low parts of the handles. Now the heart looks cool inside too.


And files to cut: joined heart with snow II cut ; joined heart with snow III ; snow joined heart IV cut

7 thoughts on “Joined Hearts with Snowflakes

  1. These little snowflake bags are perfect. Just what I need for a childrens Christmas party to take some sweeties.
    Thank you for the patterns and for sharing. Keep up the good work!

    • 80 g/m2 billigt kopipapir fungerer fint. Men det meste kan anvendes – gamle bøger, elegant brevpapir, evt. også madpapir, glanspapir, metalpapir, plakater, aviser, reklamer, tapet. Du kan også bruge stofrester, hvis du behandler dem med en tynd opløsning af snedkerlim.

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