Cone #001

Humongous thanks to Knud Vægter and  Museum Lolland-Falster for reviving the woven cone. (in Danish)

This ornament has potential for variations I cannot wait to explore.

Beginners may start with this very simple cone. Find some (6-7) paper clips. Print and cut out the two cone pieces. From each piece form a small cone by gluing down the overlap of the solid bottom. The print shall be on the inside. The shape of the strips shall fit together naturally as if the cone was never cut open. Insert the cone with the open end into the other and try to line up the two sets of lines you see when you look into the cone. This is a bit difficult as the strips are very vivid and the paper has a will of its own. The strips of the two cone pieces shall be orthogonal, not parallel. Now you draw out the strips of the inner piece. Try to avoid “unused” cut just above the outer solid cone by pulling carefully in the strips from the inner cone. Work your way around the cone until all inner strips are out. Then the weaving starts. Take a strip in the color of the outer cone and weave 2 – 3 squares. Now fix what you have made using a paper clip. Take the next strip and do likewise. Work your way around the cone. When you meet a paper clip remove it and weave a little before fixing it again. Do not get too eager and weave too much. Go on in this way until all clips are at the upper edge. Now you may remove one paper clip at a time and line up the strips by pulling carefully. You may need to go around the cone a couple of times before you are happy with the result. Now remove one paper clip and glue together the two cone pieces near the edge. Work your way around the cone edge.

You need to use the paper clips. If not the cone will fall apart when you are weaving at the other side. The option of gluing from time to time does not work, as it is then impossible to line up the cone in the end.

Fix handle and small heart to cover base.

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