Cone #003

It is actually simpler to weave this cone than I thought. Weave as described for Cone #001. Start weaving by weaving “sets” of two wide strips in different colors. Look at the picture to get started in the right way. Then the rest of the strips nearly weave themselves. Line up carefully by pulling the strips in place. Remember to use the paper clips. You may have  to go round the upper edge a couple of times before gluing. You may also like to shape the cone a bit by fixing the star and sky between with a little glue. Cut out a handle and the small hearts to cover its base inside the cone.

One thought on “Cone #003

  1. Du må være utroligt dygtig til det matematiske/geometriske, det er fantastisk!
    Jeg har selv forsøgt mig med grundformen engang, det gik meget godt den første runde; men så gik det totalt i kage for mig. Jeg må have for mange tommelfingre.

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