Cone #008

Anna made a script in Rhino making it possible to generate cone patterns automatically. Parameters are: Overall angle, number of strips, number of sub-strips, height of bottom cone, height where sub-strips start, radius of cone, distance between strips and sub-strips, a number of points along the curve of the basic strip that may be pulled to change its shape  – and whatever else I might think of. The program presents an outline of the final cone – so that I may change parameters until I like the result. When the cone looks interesting, the program generates the -.dxf files for the cutting machine… I still, however, have to do the weaving.

To illustrate the principle, Anna designed this Cone #008.

One thought on “Cone #008

  1. I’ve only used Sketchup for 3d design, but I downloaded the trial version of Rhino to see if I can make sense of it. I’m fascinated by the idea of being able to construct a script to produce these cone weavings.

    Love my Craft Robo, too, 🙂


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