Sphere #003

This is a new application of Anna’s bubble pattern from Cone #009. I also used four colours, six strips of each.  Because of its open structure this sphere is much easier to weave than Sphere #002. You may even start using an alternative process – omitting the solid circles at the poles. First glue together the strips two by two fixing the small triangles forming the top pole in an exact fit. E.g. I made the pink and yellow strips meet. Then weave these double long strips together forming the star pattern simultaneously fixing the first woven row of small circles. Now you have a firm basis and may weave the rest of the sphere until you reach the other pole. Then fix the last row of spheres and finally the small triangles two by two.

This is a -.pdf file for cutting sphere003 cut

The small pictures show how you may start weaving. Picture 1: Make the arms by gluing together the strips two and two making the small triangles fit exactly. Picture 2: Take two arms, line up the trinagles, and fix the small yellow circle onto the red with glue. Picture 3: Add another arm and fix the smallest blue circle onto the pink. Picture 4: Add another arm fixing the smallest yellow circle onto the red. Etc. Etc.

8 thoughts on “Sphere #003

    • I am so glad you asked. I can see now I did not explain what to do properly. I have added some instructive diagrams and text. I hope this is helpfull.
      Please do not hesitate to ask if you have problems figuring out how to weave. And of course I also very much appreciate that you try.

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  2. Dear Paper Matrix,
    I absolutely love your work!! Thank you for your website. Can you tell be what the diameter of sphere 3, and sphere 10 are?


    • Hi Emily
      My Sphere #003 has a diameter of about 11 cm.
      If you have a Silhouette cutter and you prepare files using the pdf-files included on the blog, Silhouette Studio will rescale the templates. How and why I have never understood – I find it most irritating. But there is no “correct” size. Important is that all templates for the same project are to the same scale.
      The diameter of my Sphere #10 appears to be 11.5 cm. But I started from the same basic template as I used for Sphere #001 and later for “003. Thus probably the day I made Sphere #010 I did not consider “correct” size when I opened the file in Silhouette Studio.
      Hope this was helpful. Lene

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