Woven Box

Cut out two of each piece in different colours. You also need at strip of paper 4 cm wide and as long as an A4. The top is made just like a cone, see Cone #001. When you have done all the weaving you must pull the strips gently so that the small half circles fit above each other. Now you can fix the edge with a little glue. Before weaving the bottom fold back the strips at the base. The strips of the two pieces should swirl in opposite directions. Place one piece inside the other, weave and fix with glue. Then take the long 4 cm strip and fold precisely along the long centre line. Make 1.7 cm cuts into one side of the strip at 3 cm intervals. Smear glue all over one side and fix the uncut edge to the bottom just above the top of the second diamond, see picture. Make sure to make a smooth upper brim by keeping the strip stretched while you fix it. When you have done the full circle and meet the strip again you may cut the surplus off by an angled cut. Now gently fold back the upper part of the strip along the crease and fix it to the inside.

And files for cutting the bottom woven box cut 1 and the top woven box cut 2

8 thoughts on “Woven Box

  1. Hold da helt op! du udvikler dig da hele tiden. Jeg overvejer at prøve underdelen af din æske, den må kunne bruges som kurv til juletræet. Jeg tror jeg er for fumlefingret til låget.

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      • Thank you. It is the castle for my daughter’s school’s nativity scene. Each family had a homework and ours was the castle. And this year’s theme is cardboad rolls.

        Than you again for your very clear instructions and for your free patterns. Looking forward to buying your book in English or Spanish!!

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