Printed Drum #002

It is so simple, so easy and so quickly made. It is a knock-off of course. A printed version of the elaborate Woven Drum #001.

Cut out the five coloured pieces and the white piece which is a pattern for scoring. Centre the pattern on the rear side of the round drum skin and score along the edge. Fold back. Glue stick the white side of the flaps one by one to the blue side of one of the long narrow blue strips making sure that the sides of the small flaps meet exactly and that the upper edge also fits. When you have fixed all flaps the ends of the strip should meet. Make the other drum skin in the same way. Now smear glue on the white outer side of the blue strip and fix the drum’s body making sure that the edges fit. Also make sure that the points of the star on the drum skin point towards the points at the body. The ends of the body should fit, when you have worked you way around the drum skin. Fix the other drum skin inside the body in the same way. Done.

2 thoughts on “Printed Drum #002

    • I am very happy to hear that you appreciate my efforts. If you should find that some instructions are unclear or difficult to understand I shall do my best to explain in greater detail.

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