Onion Dome Box

Anna designed the strips for the onion dome in Rhino. Weaving the dome nicely is not easy, but what is most required is patience.

Start by cutting the forms on “Part 1/2” four times in four different colours and the forms on “Part 2/2” twice in two other colours. Now you have plenty of options for mixing the colours.

When starting the dome, take a simple narrow strip (colour not important as it will not show). Fix the rectangular wide end of a dome strip to one end of the narrow strip with glue. Take one in a different colour and fix it right next to the first. The strips shall swirl in the same direction. Proceed in this way fixing 12 strips in alternating colours. Now add 12 more dome strips on the other side of the narrow strip. These dome strips shall swirl in the other direction. Form a ring and fix with glue. Now you have the base of the dome. Bend all 24 strips outwards. Take another simple narrow strip and fix it on the outside of the ring (I used light blue on picture). Then take the zigzag strip (I used dark blue) and score it along the spine. Fix it onto the dome base and bend the solid part inwards. You may need to make small cuts in order to make the paper fit smoothly. Fix with glue. Now you may start weaving. Take your time and use paper clips for temporary fixing as you go along. Also take care to line up and flatten the form as you weave. When you reach about square number 8 counted from the base make sure the form is lined up as you want it and fix the 12 squares with glue one by one. Weave the rest for as long as you can manage – it may not look so pretty. Fix with glue and cut away the long ends of the strips. To hide the mess and form a pointed dome top, make two small cones (I used two shades of green) and fix them to the top of the dome.

The lower part of the box is started in the same way as the dome, just use 24 simple straight strips. Weave and fix the ends to a ring also made from one of the simple narrow strips. The circumference should be 21.6 cm. For bottom plate I used the same type of pattern as the drum skin in the Woven Drum #001. And the bottom is made in the same way. Finally cut out an 8 cm times 23 cm strip of paper (any colour) bend along the spine and fit it inside the lower part forming an up stand of about 2 cm.

Now  you may fit the two parts of the box.

And files for cutting onion cut a and onion cut b

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