Heart #038

This morning I read Carol’s Extreme Cards and Papercrafting http://extremecards.blogspot.com/about woven QR code and I just had to make a woven heart in the same style. The pattern for weaving is generated using the QR code platform http://qrcode.good-survey.com/. A simple message requires a 25 x 25 matrix. I made a pattern fitting an A4 sheet and I think it is about the most narrow strips any normal weaver may like to handle. I would not say the heart is pretty. But it is fun that the heart includes a secret message. Anna tested the heart with her bar code reader – and it works.

And a file for cutting heart 038 cut

7 thoughts on “Heart #038

  1. I’ve seen this barcode heart and decided it would be the best present for my boyfriend for St.Valentine- he is IT guy.
    I’d say the most difficult part was to cut it, as I don’t have the cutting machine… The work itself was interesting and in the end I couldn’t wait to finish it and try how the ‘secret’ message works.
    And it works!!! Thank you Papermatrix!
    Can’t wait till February 14th to show him my present 😉

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