Jar Box

If you can manage the Onion Dome Box, you can also make this Jar Box. The process is more or less the same.

I include the patterns. The pages are filled up with parts so that you may mix and match colours as you please when you work. For the lower part you need: 24 long double strips, 5 narrow 9 mm strips, 1 zigzag strip, 1 round piece with half circles and 1 without. For the lid you need: 1 circular piece with 12 arms, 12 single strips, 1 small round piece, 2 narrow 9 mm strips and 1 zigzag strip. I shall not include detailed instructions for weaving, only a few hints and some illustrations.

When gluing the long double strips to the bottom ring offset the strips so that a narrow strip is just above the one at the other side – and likewise the wider strip.

Form a ring overlapping the strips. Before you start weaving fold back every single stip.

Weave and line up. The pattern at the top edge should be the same as in the bottom. I made the top end of the strip a little longer to make up for the length you loose while weaving. Fold back the rectangular pieces and form a firm edge adding a 9 mm strip on both sides. The diametre is planned to be a little smaller than the bottom to make the box lid fit outside.

Make and add the bottom.

Form a second circular piece  for the the box lid from 12 loose strips by gluing alternating colours to a small circular form.

And files for cutting  jar cut a, jar cut b and jar cut c

29 thoughts on “Jar Box

  1. Jeg er utroligt imponeret! hvor er de flotte, de må have været meget svære at lave, det er helt utroligt.

  2. Thank you thank you! we visit Russia every year, and I’ve been wanting to make my class some dome boxes that remind me of Russia these are perfect! Have you done any tutorials on YOUTUBE?

    • Making tutorials on YouTube is a great idea. Unfortunately I have not made any – yet. Thus for the time being you must make do with the instructions and pictures on the blog.

  3. This is impossibly difficult for me, I need some extra help : ( Anyone? For the main part, are the strips supposed to be facing the same direction or the opposite direction?

    • Dear Confunded
      Don’t start out your weaving career by making the Jar Box. Making the Jar Box is not a simple task. It requires skills. You must learn all the tricks and principles first. Start making a simple woven heart like the Gingerbread Heart, then make a simple cone like Cone #001, then make a sphere like Sphere #001, and then the Drum #001. Read the instructions for each item carefully.

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  11. Denne her er noget af det smukkeste, jeg længe har set! Helt eventyrlig. Jeg har lige lavet onion dome, og har vovet mig til også at gå i gang med jar boxen. Har flettet den nederste del færdig og skal til at lime. Vil lige høre- er det meningen, at de små rektangler for enden af strimlerne skal passe helt sammen til sidst? Mine mødes og kan næsten sættes helt sammen ovenpå hinanden, men ikke helt. Er det nødvendigt for at lave en optimal lukning?
    Tak for en fantastisk og spændende side!

    • Tak for ros. Det er dejligt at høre, at du er glad for at lave vores modeller. Jeg regner med at dit spørgsmål drejer sig om den øverste kant helt oppe ved låget. Hvis du ser nærmere på det lysegul/lyseblå billede med clipsene, kan du se hvor godt mine strimler har passet. Vigtigt er, at det, man bøjer om, bliver lodret og gerne også får lodrette kanter. Hvad der præcis sker inde bag de to stimler, der bliver limet oven på, kan man jo ikke se, så hvis du har behov får at folde lidt skævt, tror jeg ikke man kan se det på kanten bagefter. Men sørg endelig for at holde målet på omkredsen, så låget kommer til at passe. Lene

  12. Tak for svar. Det kom til at passe:) Troede den sidste lukning var til bunden og ikke til den øverste kant op til låget. Det løste problemet. Den er blevet helt fin og pæn. Føles ret utroligt, når man er blevet færdig. Tænk at den danner sådan en smuk form. Er helt paf over, at jeg kunne lave den. Tusind tak for jeres inspirerende blog. I puster nyt liv i papirfoldningen.

    • Fabric is what I am going to try, when’s I can find the time. There is a link for a video tutorial for making a woven heart from fabric at my “Link” page. Felt might work very well as edges will remain sharp. Possibly the material is a little thick and heavy though. The items might need some upscaling. But you should definitely give it a try. Lene

  13. Hello- I am fairly new to paper crafting, but not brand new. I have used my silhouette cameo to and cut out the pieces, however with no instructions it is difficult for me to figure out how this is assembled. Even looking back at the different shapes (heart, sphere and balloon) it does’t help explain how to assemble THIS project. The photos you added have’t helped decipher this for me. Do you have a link to instructions of a video? The project is beautiful, and with directions explaining how to assemble it feel like it is a project that I can make.

    • Hi Andrea

      Yes! You are right. The instructions for the Jar Box are scarce and difficult to work by. Just now I am preparing a couple of books with some new elaborate boxes and detailed instructions. The spinoff is the longer and more elaborate instructions for the new items on the blog. But I shall look into the instructions for the Jar Box and improve them within the coming weeks. In the mean time you may also find help, reading the instructions for the Flat Box with high Onion Dome.

      • Thank you. Playing with the paper I’ve figured out the gist of it but can’t get it right. I’ll look for the books and instructions in the next few weeks. Have a good week!

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