Tournament Tent

Much inspired by the visits to Drottningholm and Haga, Anna and I designed a woven Tournament Tent. Anna made patterns for the strips in Rhino and I am responsible for the tent opening.

The tent is produced in three steps: Make the tent body, add the tent opening, and make the top.

The tent body is woven from 2 x 12 strips fixed onto a common bar. The way you choose and line up the colours will determine if you get a striped or chequered look. Join the bar to form a ring and weave. Add a narrow strip at the base and trim the edge.

Now take the largest tent opening piece and fix the smaller 6 (or 9) pieces with glue to make the illusion of creases. Fix the opening to the woven tent body taking care that the opening is indeed vertical and fits at the base. Cut away the woven part inside.

Like the tent body the tent top is woven from 2 x 12 strips fixed to a bar. Fix so that a narrow stripe is visible at the wavy edge. Weave and pull into form. Continue until you reach the upright triangles and fix with glue. Form two small cones and add them at the top hiding the mess of the 24 narrow triangles.

Place the top onto the tent body. Done.

Here are the cut files: tounament tent cut a, tounament tent cut b, and tounament tent cut c

One thought on “Tournament Tent

  1. Hvor er de ganske utroligt flotte, et godt resultat af en tur til Sverige. De er meget meget elegante.

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