PeaCock or Heart #039

The PeaCock basket has ping-ponged between Anna and me for more than a year now. It is not difficult to make, but requires a lot of cutting – no problem if you are the fortunate owner of a cutting machine. The pattern comes in 7 parts. When you plan the colours you will observe, that some forms are repeated in greater number than you need. This is to use the paper in full and to give you the opportunity to mix and match the colours – you need not hand cut the pieces you do not need.

For my peacock I used 7 colours and printed 8 sheets. I printed: Colour 1 – dark blue (part 1/7 and 7/7). Colour 2 – purple (part 2/7). Colour 3 – green (part 3/7). Colour 4 – metallic dark blue (part 4/7). Colour 5 – light green (part 5/7). Colour 6 light blue (part 6/7). Colour 7 – dark green (part 7/7 again).

The basket forming the peacock’s body is woven. After weaving add the handle and then the head. If you like you may add a small piece of paper on the rear side of the head to colour the eye. Also you may vary the angle and position of the head to obtain different expressions.

The tail is joined – i.e. each of the 4 largest trains is made from two pieces, while the 5th and smallest is just one colour. Make the two faces of the basket separately. For each face join Aa and Ab, Ba and Bb, Ca and Cb, and Da and Db. Line up. The oblique sides of the lower parts of the a-pieces shall line up – not the bottom  lines. Fix in the exact position with a little glue at the centre of each joined train. Add the smallest train on top.

Drop the two tail pieces in the basket.

We have uploaded a video on youtube explaining how to put the PeaCock together.

Here are the cut files: peacock 001 cut part 1, peacock 001 cut part 2, peacock 001 cut part 3, peacock 001 cut part 4, peacock 001 cut part 5, peacock 001 cut part 6, and peacock 001 cut part 7

17 thoughts on “PeaCock or Heart #039

  1. Again most beautiful.Thank you and Anna. Can’t what to make several. This will be part of my families Christmas gifts. One question though. What weight paper did you use?

    • In general I use 80 g/m2. This paper comes in many, many colours – if you are prepared to buy 500 sheets of the same. Sometimes you may find a package with 12 different colours. But particularly the darker colours are difficult to locate. Now and then I am lucky to find 90 g/m2 or 100 g/m2 (a great deal more expensive) writing paper in the colours I lack. This paper is much better quality and also survives the cutting machine better.

    • It IS woven. The pattern is just like the Gingerbread heart, however more pointed and more arms. The pattern is the wavey parts from page 4 and page 7. You must crease alonge the central symmetry axis. I see now I did not indicate that on the pattern. Sorry. Also I put 2 parts on each page. Most economic, but that is also confusing. You only need 1 from each page. It is not difficult to weave, but take care to plan the weaving correctly, i.e. turning the pieces in the right way so that a basket with a sort of handle (the neck) is formed. Hope this helps.

  2. Hej jeg har et problem med de her filer med at skære dem ud på min silhouette cameo.
    Den skærer dem ud i sådan nogen hakker og ikke lige linier ? jeg har lavet pdf filen om til både jpg og png men intet virker.
    Hvordan gør I selv ?

    • Open the pdf in Inkscape (or some other program that can edit vector files like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator–if you have one).

      Inkscape is free, by the way….

      Save the file as a DXF or SVG. Open in Silhouette Studio or RoboMaster. Cut!

      Advice given by Carol for Joined Basket #016

    • Jeg har lige prøvet med den første af de cut-filer, der står nederst i posten. Og det virker fint. Så et eller andet må være på en anden måde hos dig. Jeg har ikke en cameo selv, men jeg skal prøve at finde en, der kan hjælpe dig.

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