Heart #040

This is a multi layer free-style cut-away woven heart. The heart is a further development of Hearts #009, #015, and #021 using multiple layers of different colours. Go to these posts for directions on multilayer weaving.  The free style pattern is inspired by hearts made by the Danish artist Lisbet Lærke. I have designed my pattern on the computer using  a multilayer drawing software and a pen tablet. So much for modern appliances. The outline software and the cutting machine were knocked out by the old fashioned surgical scissors, which actually worked faster and with a smoother result. This is definitely a style worth to pursue as it  includes the very essence of the idea of working freely on the entire surface of the woven heart.

If you want to make the heart, print the four patterns on different colours of paper, crease and cut away the black parts. Wrap the red part around the yellow and the blue around the black and weave as usual. This is not difficult, just do not use force but a pair of tweezers to help untangle any stray parts.

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