Sphere #009

Sphere #009 is the same sphere as Sphere #001 and you weave as described for that. I have reduced the size so that the ornament would better fit a  Christmas tree. To make it easier to start weaving I have collected 6 arms in one piece. You need 2 x two pieces to make a sphere. Just fix the pieces to form 2 full circles and weave as usual. If you want a simple chequered sphere use 2 colours. For the sphere in front I used 2 red pieces, one pink, and one yellow.  I cut up the pink and yellow pieces to individual arms and fixed alternating colours to the inner face of the full red circles centre.

This is a file for cutting: sphere 009 cut

7 thoughts on “Sphere #009

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  3. I finished the first one sphere. I’m not very happy with the result. I think I’m not close enough. I managed to close with great difficulty and … it’s not a sphere … I like so much the model … I will try, but maybe it’s too much if you realize a movie with almost the final assembly. Or maybe you have some pictures.

      • Hi!
        I tried another sphere!
        I really do not know what wrong. We worked very closely, but when you close … look bad.
        Balloon me out perfectly the first time.

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