Joined Basket #014 King Caspar

This is the first of three wise men. The design for the basket was kick-started by a silhouette made by Pamela Perry and then my design was commented by Anna and much revised following her instructions.  The design is best suited for a cutting machine. However, you may ease hand cutting by using a puncher for…

Joined Heart #013

This is a new joined heart with snowflakes. You find instructions on the pattern sheets. Either print out the pattern on coloured paper and cut by hand or prepare the cut files for your paper cut machine. I include files for cutting: joined 013 snow cut 1 ; joined 013 snow cut 2

Joined Heart #012

These small joined hearts are made from two brown pieces and two pieces in light colours. They are meant to resemble gingerbread hearts with sugar glaze. And some files for cutting: joined 012 the cut 1 ; joined 012 the cut 2

Joined Heart #008

This is another joined heart with flowers. Time consuming to cut out. Reasonably simple to put together, but take care if the 4 vivid layers become entangled. And some cut files: another joined heart with flowers the cut 1 1 ; another joined heart with flowers the cut 1 2 ; another joined heart with flowers the cut 1 3 ; another joined…