Heart Garlands

These heart garlands are very simple to put together. They are however time consuming to cut out by hand. If you have a cutting machine it will do the job for you and you may produce miles of garland. I provide you with patterns for 3 different types of heart. You may choose one or mix them as you like.

The principle is that every heart is made from three layers in different colours. Printing/cutting the same sheet three times in three different colours will make a garland of 12 hearts. Three sheets in three different colours will enable you to pair 6 different colour combinations. I.e. you get two of each. Four colours will make 16 hearts but you can choose between 24 combinations etc. Pair the hearts and arrange them on a line so that the colours of the top layer differ. Now you can make the garland by pulling a piece of string through the two small holes in the upper part of the heart. The string will keep everything together – you need not to use glue. Make a loop in both ends to prevent the hearts from escaping.

And files for cutting: garland 002 cut ; garland 003 cut ; garland 004 cut

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