Star #001 Woven

The pointed star is an old classic. Make a plain one from paper in your favourite colour or venture into this  woven variation.

Print enough sheets to give you 2 times 5 pieces in the colours you like. Cut out, crease, and weave two by two like an ordinary heart. The narrow strips shall be at the bottom edges of the “heart”.

Now you have made the star’s 5 points. Next you must give them the right shape. Flatten each point so that the narrow edges run down the centre line. Make a sharp crease.

Crease along the 4 bottom lines of the “heart blade” so that only the woven part is visible.

Finally you must glue the 5 points together. Glue back one set of blades to the rear side of the point and keep the other set for gluing to the next point. Fit together all 5 points but do not connect the first and last. Instead also glue back the last set of blades. Draw a piece of string through the two faces of the points meant to meet and tie them in position. Fit the ends so that the star may hang.

And a file for cutting : star 001 woven cut

For more instructions on how to make the basic simple star, you may look at homemade-gifts-made-easy .

5 thoughts on “Star #001 Woven

  1. Jeg er fuld af beundring, hvordan får du dog regnet det der ud?
    Dine hjerte guirlander er også både kønne og flotte.

    • Hi Lauren

      I am sorry to hear that. We have made no video yet. Did you try to make a simple woven heart like Heart #007 without the overlay first? That should teach you the basic principle. You may watch this video to learn:


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