Star #006 Cut

Star #006 is made using the joining principle. The process takes some time, but it is not difficult.

Cut out 12 pieces in 6 different colours, two of each. First make the 12 five faced points by scoring along the dotted lines, creasing, and gluing using the narrow slip. Take care that they all swirl in the same direction. Join two points in different colours using the cut below the smaller triangles and glue each down flat to the larger face of the other point. Take a new point in a new colour and join this to the two you already have joined. Fix in the same way. Take another and continue until 5 points of different colours are fixed to the first at all faces where this appears to be easy. Now you select a location to fix the next point. You must now chose the colour appearing at the point opposite to this. Continue fixing and selecting the right colour until all points are joined. Before you fix the last point you may add a piece of string to hang the star.

And a file for cutting: star 006 cut

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