Hans H Koch

In 1916 the Danish architect Hans H. Koch (1873–1922) published patterns and instructions for seven complex woven Christmas baskets and later in 1922 another four. These are among the oldest surviving printed instructions for woven paper baskets of a playful design taken beyond the straight slips. Koch was the godson of H. C. Andersen and gifted with unusual geometrical and stereometric talents. It is fun to note that these eleven baskets display the majority of the principles which later woven basket builders vary ad infinitum. Note he includes the Gingerbread heart with beautiful detailing on the blades. Today Koch is best known for his printed animal baskets for the Christmas tree which you may purchase from the Danish National Museum.

I include a pattern for one of my favorites among his woven basket patterns. Starting to weave is a little tricky. You must insert the larger piece in the smaller and draw out the short first slip and weave that. Don’t hesitate to crease the wider part of a strip if it will not show.

And the cut files: koch cut 2012 1 ; koch cut 2012 2

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