Cone #011

Anna has designed this upside down Gingerbread pattern for a cone. Actually the cone Anna made is much more complicated than this one. But it is prudent to start out with a simplified version. Weaving requires some skills to obtain a pretty result.

Print/cut the four parts of the cone in the colours of your choice. Part 1+2 together form the first piece and Part 3+4 form the second.

These are two important tricks for weaving:

TRICK #1: It is all important that you start weaving in the right way. The two pieces must be lined up perfectly. Any inaccuracy will grow as you weave and the result will not be pretty. A good way to start is to place part 1 and 2 flat on the table, line up, and glue together – the pointed part facing the table. Now take part 3 and weave into the first two. Still flat on the table. Take care that the pattern is lined up perfectly. The base fits the base of part 2. Fix with glue. Now take part 4 and do the same. Form the cone and use the flap on the pointed piece to keep everything together. Before you use glue to fix it, make sure that the cone does not crease and that the other colours do not show. If they do, you may cut away a little of the base of part 2, 3 and 4. Line up carefully there must be no open space between arms where they meet. After gluing you may start to weave, see Cone #001.

TRICK #2: To guide you into forming the perfect cone cut out, form and fix the cone of Part 5. Insert the guide cone into the cone you are weaving and tighten by pulling the arms gently. When you have done all weaving use the paper clips to  fix the cone to the guide. Line up your cone by removing one paper clip at a time. Work your way around the cone a couple of times until you are happy with the result. Take another turn and fix the four parts of the cone together with glue. Remove the guide cone.

And files for cutting: cone 011 cut 1 ; cone 011 cut 2 ; cone 011 cut 3 ; cone 011 cut 4 ; cone 011 cut 5

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