Egg #004 Box

This Egg #004 Box is much simpler to weave than the full eggs because you only need to weave two tops and don’t have to make the ends meet at the bottom.

Cut out 2 x10 double egg strips and 2 or 3 times the sheet with the straight strips considering the colours you would like to use. Start each half egg as explained for Egg #001 and concentrate on making a smooth even edge at the equator. Fix carefully with glue and add a narrow strip of paper on each side to strengthen the edge. Now add the zigzag strip first making the triangles fit on the front and then fold back the upper part of the strip and fix it to the inside of the egg shell. For the lower part of the egg you must then add a high edge to support the upper part when putting the egg together. Crease the very wide strip along the long centre line. Unfold. Fix the uncut external side of the strip to the inside of the egg shell so that it extends above the edge. Follow the lower edge of the strips you have already added. Fold down and fix the part with the cuts forming a smooth surface. Done. Now you may put the pieces together and close and open your Egg Box when you like.

And here are vector pdf files to generate the files you need for your cut machine: egg 004 cut 1 ; egg 004 cut 2

5 thoughts on “Egg #004 Box

    • Thank you, Carol. So, would I. Even Easter is long gone I still like to work with the eggs. I think, that splitting the egg in two makes it much easier to obtain a good result. I am very grateful that you initiated the sphere work.

  1. I made my first ever – using #004. The basic concept is brilliant. Thank you.Getting started was the hardest part. The hot-air-balloon video was helpful but it appeared there as if the first weave/fold was reversed; ie. arms changing direction. I think a bigger starting circle would help.It is unclear (to me 🙂 how to close. I kept weaving and ended up with a full egg. At what point does one stop? Immediately at the equator line? or continue on for a bit and then fold/crease the extended portion back inside? It seems as if at some point the remaining arm(s) need to be trimmed. OR… does one cut the strips at the equator line at the very beginning? and use the trimmed ends for the other half?I appreciated how difficult it is to convey complex instructions — and you have so many examples offered here. Any response would be much appreciated. thanks

    • Hi Arfa

      Did you notice the line across the egg arms on the template? You have to split the arms in two BEFORE you start weaving. Weaving two half eggs is likely to give a much prettier result, because then you may make both poles pretty. And the smaller the pole circle the prettier the egg. The difficulty is then to make the circumference at the equator of egual size. Hope this is helpful. Good luck. Lene

  2. I am delighted you have the time to reply. Thank you. I am on my third and there is no doubt “practice makes better [perfect is a stretch :)]. The equator line is clear. thx.
    A smaller circle is more difficult but, yes, likely more elegant.
    I ended up marking up a board with segments to ensure uniform arm distribution. I guess its obvious but your instructions could include this for newbs like me.
    I can see many happy, likely sometimes frustrated, hours ahead as I work through some of your other exquisite designs.
    I wonder if there is a box-like example that could be adapted as a shrine – a kind of triptych? I will experiment with the circus tent.

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