PeaCock Theatre and Cone #012

This week Teddy and I went to see a performance on the PeaCock Pantomime Theatre in Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens. It was a rainy evening and not many people had come. Nevertheless the dancers looked to be in brilliant mood. In particular we were impressed by the many and very fast changes of scenery.

Cone #012 is a more complicated version of Cone #011. It has taken me some time and many trials to develop the final pattern based on Anna’s idea.

The two pieces you weave together are in principle the same as those used for Cone #011, however, each of these are made from three parts by joining. Cut out the six parts in the colours you like. The first piece is made from parts 1, 2 and 3. Start placing part 3 flat on the table and part 1 on top making the arms and cone fit. Join by sliding the two parts together using the small flaps one by one. Then add part 2. The front of the piece is the side showing the small flaps in the same colour. The second piece is made from parts 4, 5 and 6. Place part 6 flat on the table. Make sure it swirls in the opposite direction of the first finished piece. Now add part 5 and then at last part 4 (the one with the full cone) as before. Proceed as described for cone #011.

And files for cutting: cone 012 cut 1 ; cone 012 cut 2 ; cone 012 cut 3 ; cone 012 cut 4 ; cone 012 cut 5 ; cone 012 cut 6

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