Cone #013


Cone #013 is a four colour version of Cone #004. Cut the four pieces in different colours and place Part 1 flat on the table. Now stack Part 2, 3 and 4 so that the small notches fit. Part 3 and 4 will swirl in the opposite direction. Align and fix the four layers with a little glue. Form the cone and fix the base so that the arms flow continuously. Now you may start weaving. Cut out Part 5 and form and fix a cone. Use this cone as a loose mould inside the cone while weaving. Weave tightly. After weaving tighten up the cone so that the small arches at the end of the arms make a perfect overlap, where they meet. A pair of tweezers is handy. Fix with glue. Add a handle.

And files for cutting: Cone 013 cut 1 ; Cone 013 cut 2 ; Cone 013 cut 3 ; Cone 013 cut 4 ; Cone 013 cut 5

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