A Crown for a Zombie Bride

In view of the imminent Halloween we wanted to create something really horrible. This scary finger bones Crown for a Zombie Bride is made from two sheets of A4 paper and a piece of metal foil. For the crown on the picture is used 80 g/m2 paper. Heavier paper will make a more robust crown – and it will also be easier to weave. Weaving requires quite a lot of patience as the fingers tend to crease and entangle.

Cut out the 2 x 12 fingers and the metal crown base.  Select the colour you do NOT want to show on the tip of the longest  fingers. Glue the fingers one by one to the base as indicated on the figure. The longest finger (black) must start above the longest point of the base.

Next glue the other set of fingers onto the base as well, swirling in the other direction. The longest fingers (black) must match – the others should not.

Form the ring and fix with glue. Crease the fingers one by one over the edge of the base and fix them to the base near the crease with glue. While creasing and fixing you may also start weaving. Fix with a paper clip when two of the longest fingers meet. After weaving fix the four longest points – where the longest fingers meet – with glue and adjust the other fingers  to form a symmetrical pattern. Fix with glue. Draw out the points of the metal crown base where they fit.

And vector-pdf files: zombie crown fingers cut ; zombie crown base cut

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