Cone #015 Build a Cone

This hyacinth glass belonged to my grandmother. In mid December she bought the hyacinth bulbs. She placed the bulb on top of the glass and added just so much water that it did not touch the lower side of the bulb. Then it was stored in a dark, cool place – no frost.  When the roots had grown to fill the entire glass it was moved into the warm living room – but still the top was kept in darkness. She used a cone made from an old newspaper to cover the bulb. Only when the flower was clearly visible among the leaves the cone could be removed.

I imagine this Cone #015 might offer a premonition of what is to come. Cut out Part 1 (dark green), Part 2 (green), Part 3 twice (yellow and orange or any other colours you like for the flowers) and Part 4 (light green – possibly cardboard). Form the cones from Part 1 and 2 swirling in opposite directions. Place the cone made from Part 2 inside the Cone made from Part 1 and pull the strips from Part 1 through the first slits they meet when crossing the round flower base on Part 2. Now weave in the two flower heads – size 1 and size 0 – using the two slids and then weave down through the other slid in the round base of Part 2. Weave all flowers in at level 1 and proceed to the next level now using flower heads size 2 and 1. When you have added all 30 double flowers insert the solid cone and lineup. You need no paper clips for the procedure and if you are using the cone to cover a hyacinth bulb no glue either. If you intend using the cone as a basket you need to fix with glue. Making this cone is not too difficult neither stressing but you may need a lot of patience. It takes quite some time to weave in all the flowers.

And files for cutting: Cone 015 cut 1 ; Cone 015 cut 2 ; Cone 015 cut 3 ; Cone 015 cut 4

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