Joined Heart #026

This Joined Heart #026 is difficult to cut out by hand but very simple to put together. You need the two different heart pieces on the pattern to make the basket. Cut out the pieces in the two colours you like – if you have a cutting machine, cutting the sheet twice will give you material enough for two heart baskets. Crease where indicated. Join the heart in the same way as you would make any other simple joined basket – you may go to the Page ‘Joined’ for directions – line up and add the handles using glue. Add the small joined hearts to cover the base of the handles. In this way the two heart pieces are fixed and you have a firm basket.

And the file for cutting:  joined 026 cut

4 thoughts on “Joined Heart #026

    • Ember! We have Silhoutte machines. I have an SD and Anna has a Cameo. Both are uncomplicated and reliable. They work just as a printer, but instead of ink they have a knife.

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