Joined Basket #027 Dragonfly


The Joined Dragonfly is made from two parts in different colours – just like the simple joined baskets described at the page ‘Joined’. I chose gold as the one colour. But the paper had a white rear side, which I did not want. Thus I cut an extra orange part after the same pattern. This was layered with the gold part before joining. After joining you would need to fix the dragonfly here and there with a little glue along the centre line to keep the basket stable.

And files for cutting: joined 027 cut 1 ; joined 027 cut 2

4 thoughts on “Joined Basket #027 Dragonfly

  1. Since a long tme I wanted to thank you for those beautiful ideas. The theatre I built first. Now, since a fortnight I own a cutting machine…. Do not know which one of your lovely patterns I should try first. Thank you a lot for sharing them. To bad that I live in Germany and cannot participate to your workshops.

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