Simple Heart Garlands

garlands 005 006 007

For the PaperMatrix workshop at Retro last weekend we made some super simple heart garlands to embellish the premises. We were urged to put them on the blog and possibly add more of the same nature.

The patterns are made so that the garland will look much the same viewed from both front and back.

garland 005 smallgarland 005 pattern

Garland #005 is made from traditional woven hearts. They are not baskets, however, as they only have a single woven layer – making the hearts very easy to weave. Just fix them with a little glue at the point to keep all strips in place.

garland 006 smallgarland 006 pattern

Garland #006 should be straight forward. Just align the two heart pieces so that the cuts are on different sides of the centre line. Pull out the other layer along the centre line.

garland 007 smallgarland 007 pattern

Garland #007 is joined. Align the two heart pieces so that put together you have vertical cuts running from top to bottom. First join near the centre line. Take care the two layers do not shift to much when you join. Join from the centre line towards the blade. First one side, then the other. Line up.

Make as many hearts as you need and pull a piece of string through the small holes in the upper part of the heart. Distrubute the hearts evenly along the line. You may also choose to make a garland mixing different types of heart.

And files for cutting:  garland 005 cut ; garland 006 cut ; garland 007 cut

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