Cone #018

cone 018

Cone #018 is in principle the same as Cone #016, however now the strips are a little longer facilitating adding strips of paper along the top edge. Start weaving the cone flat on the table as explained for Cone #017. Form the cone base and fix with glue. Weave using the mold – Page 3/3. The weaving should be tight presenting just as many diamonds as you see on the picture. After weaving fix along the top edge with glue. Trim if necessary. Add one strip of paper along the edge of the cone on the outside. The lower edge of the strip should be just above the upper set of diamonds. Fix the handle to the inside of the cone – do not let it go lower than 9 mm from the top edge. Add the inner strip.

cone 018 pattern 1cone 018 pattern 2cone 018 pattern 3cone 018 top

And cut files: cone 018 cut 1 ; cone 018 cut 2

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