Heart #042

heart 042 a

At the workshop last week we made Heart #006. Based on this heart a new Heart #042 has emerged. Each layer consists of two sheets. Otherwise weaving is the same. However, reviewing the directions given for Heart #006 I must admit, the amount of directions is rather scarce.

heart 042 pattern 1 heart 042 pattern 2

The instructions seem rather complicated, but when you have learned the tricks weaving is rather simple.

Crease and pack the two heart pieces. One is made from the two parts with the largest holes, the other one is made from the parts with the smallest holes. The larger of the two holes is the one you face so that you may see a smaller ring of a different colour inside. Now place the piece with the smaller holes inside the piece with the larger holes forming a heart, but the strips of the two pieces should run perpendicular. You should be able to see four rings of different colour with a hole right through the heart in the centre.

Now the weaving may begin. Turn the heart so that the blades point towards yourself and the strips of the outer heart piece run down-left to up-right. Draw out the two upper strips of the inner piece from inside the two leftmost strips of the outer piece and let them go to the back side of the heart. Now concentrate on the centre section of the remaining strip nearest to the left blade. It must be woven so that it goes outside the centre strip of the piece with the large holes. You may do so if you draw the strip out, weave the dart and finish the one at the left. Do not bother where the small flaps of the blades go. You may arrange those while lining up. Line up. Next you shall weave the corresponding dart near the other blade. Draw forward the two strips you sent to the back side of the heart from the right most strip that has large holes. Weave and arrange the flaps of the blade. The rest of the weaving should be straight forward – but you may prefer using a pair of tweezers.

heart 042 1aheart 042 2aheart 042 4aheart 042 aheart 042 5a

And files for cutting: heart 042 cut 1 ; heart 042 cut 2

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