Easter Basket

easter basket 2

easter basket 1   easter basket 3

The Easter Basket is woven from four colours. The strips on page 1 you need to cut out in all four colours, 6 of each. From page 2 you need two of each of the round pieces with strips, the round mould, one zig-zag strip, two simple strips, one simple strip with small notches and two handle strips. Choose different colours.

Easter basket 1 pattern 1Easter basket 1 pattern 2

First make 2 times 6 pairs of strips of different colour. Glue together at the rectangular base, strips pointing in opposite directions. Fix the 12 pairs to one of the simple strips colours alternating. Close the ring. The strips should face the inside. Weave. Experiment to layer the strips in the top row with the grass in the way you like best. Finish all in the same way. After weaving and tightening up, fix the top edge with a little glue.

Smooth the base edge. You may use a pencil or a knitting pin to soften the shape. Add and fix a simple strip on the outside. Then add the zig-zag stripe. Only smear glue on the part with the triangles. Make sure you line up and start fixing point to point. Crease the other half of the strip to the inside of the ring and fix with glue.

Weave together the two bottom pieces. Tighten up the center star. No unused strip should show. Fix with glue. Score along the circle on the rear side. Crease so that the half circles point to the front. Measure the inner circumference of the basket base with the simple strip with the small notches. Fix to a ring when the fit is exactly right. Crease the ring so that you have 4 sections of equal length. Add the woven bottom notches away from the disk. First fix the centre of every third half circle to one of the crease marks. Then distribute the rest in between. Smear glue on the outside of the bottom piece and insert into the woven basket so that the half circles point downwards and line up along the base.

Weave together two more bottom pieces. Now use the mold to score. Crease to the front. Smear glue on the “outside” of the half circles and insert into the basket from above, the half circles pointing upwards. Take care to line up the patterns of the bottom and the basket. Press to make a firm fit.

Join the two handle pieces starting from the centre and fix inside basket.

And files for cutting: Easter basket 1 cut 1 ; Easter basket 1 cut 2

7 thoughts on “Easter Basket

  1. I would love to cut these with my digital Silhouette Cameon Machine. Anyway you can convert these to SVG cutting files? I’d be willing to pay for them, and I bet others would too. You could post them on the Silhouette site I bet and make some money!

  2. Thanks for sharing! The basket is fabulous! I will have to try it. I too would prefer to cut via an eClips cutting machine (Sizzix) so I will do the conversion in Inkscape. If Tara is interested, the program is a free download. …Fan from Hawaii.

  3. I’m cutting by hand 😦 If I do too many more of these type of projects I will need to invest in something… suggestions??? Thanks for the basket my girls will love/fight over this because I will only get one made due to cutting by hand. hahaha

    • I have a Silhouette SD cutter and Anna has a Silhouette Cameo. Both cutters have proved efficient, easy to use and caused no problems. My cutter has been cutting and cutting for more than two years now. Lene

  4. Is there a way to import your pattern to my cutter, I have silhouette portrait and I’ve been trying to import and its not reading it, any suggestions?

    • You can download a free software named INKSCAPE or if you have the possibility, ILLUSTRATOR, and convert the .pdf we offer to a .dxf file. SILHOUETTE STUDIO is able to read this file type. If you use the older version, ROBO MASTER for Silhouette, you can convert to .svg files as well.

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