Woven Tetrahedron

tetrahedron 1Tetrahedron pattern

tetrahedron 2tetrahedron 3

This woven tetrahedron is far easier to weave than the octahedron.

  1. Cut out the 2 identical pieces
  2. Score along the flap and along the imaginary lines connecting the valley bottom between the small triangles and the corners
  3. Cut away the small triangles from the sides of the strips
  4. Crease so that the forms swirl in opposite directions (#1)
  5. Place the two pieces so that the flaps end in the same point and the long sections of the flaps follow the crease
  6. Weave one long strip, line up carefully and fix with glue (#2)
  7. Weave the rest of the two faces while flat, line up and fix with glue as you go along (#3)
  8. Crease the form and weave the two remaining faces. Start by weaving the longer sections of the strips running along what you already have woven. Align and fix (#4)
  9.  Then weave the rest of the strips, line up and fix as you go along (#5)
  10.  Close the tetrahedron by gluing down the two open sides to the flaps.

tetra 1tetra 2tetra 3tetra 4tetra 5

And a vector-pdf for cutting the pieces: Tetrahedron cut

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