Woven Icosahedron

icosahedron 1Icosahedron pattern

icosahedron 2icosahedron 3icosahedron 4

icosahedron 5icosahedron 6icosahedron 7

This woven icosahedron is surprisingly simple and easy to make. The pieces are actually the same as those used for the tetrahedron. You may use those too. I have however, only made three strips – otherwise the icosahedron would have been rather large compared to the other forms I made.

  1. Cut out 2 x 5 identical pieces in two colours – or you may even use 5 or 10 different colours
  2. Score along the flap and along the imaginary lines connecting the valley bottom between the small triangles and the corners
  3. Cut away the small triangles from the sides of the strips
  4. Crease so that the forms of the two different colours swirl in opposite directions
  5. Place two pieces of different colour so that the flaps are situated in opposite ends of the form
  6. Weave in a strip with the longest end section parallel to a flap, line up carefully and fix with glue
  7. Weave the rest of the two faces while flat, line up and fix with glue as you go along (#1 inside and #2 outside)
  8. Make all 5 of these woven pieces (#3) in the same way
  9. The 5 woven pieces are to be woven together as indicated (#4 inside and #5 outside). Weave in the pieces one by one. You do that in the simplest way by weaving in all strips, then line up and fix with glue
  10. Take up the form and make a ring weaving together the remaining 2 sets of strips. Line up and fix (#6)
  11. Finally close the icosahedron using the 10 flaps. Fixing the last flaps may require a pair of tweezers.

icosa 1icosa 2icosa 3

icosa 4icosa 5icosa 6

And a vector-pdf for cutting the pieces: Icosahedron cut 1

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