Woven Rhombic Dodecahedron

rhombic d 1rhombic dodecahedron pattern 3

rhombic dodecahedron pattern 2rhombic d 2

Easy to weave. Looks impressive. I include patterns for a form with three strips and one with two. The form with two strips has a volume comparable to those of the tetrahedron and the octahedron.

A Rhombic Dodecahedron has 12 faces and is made from 8 pieces. You need four of the pieces you find on the sheet and four mirrored (if the colour of your paper is the same on both sides, then you need not mirror). I used four different colours, i.e. I cut out two of each. I put four pieces on the pattern sheet for the smaller form though, because there was room for that.

  1. Cut out the 2 x 4 pieces in two or four different colours
  2. Score along the flap and along the imaginary lines connecting the corners to form three rhombs
  3. Crease so that the forms of different type swirl in opposite directions
  4. Place two pieces of different type so that the flaps are situated in opposite ends of the form and you look at the inside of the form
  5. Weave in a strip with the longest end section parallel to a flap, line up carefully and fix with glue (#1 inside)
  6. Weave the rest of the rhomb, line up and fix with glue as you go along (#2 inside)
  7. Make all four of these woven pieces (#3 inside) in the same way
  8. The four woven pieces are fixed together with glue as indicated (#4 outside).
  9. Take up the form, line up and fix also the last flap forming a pyramid top
  10. Weave four rhombs using the strips where available, line up and fix (#5)
  11. Weave the four last rhombs, line up and fix (#6) (#7)
  12. Finally close the dodecahedron using the four flaps (#8). Fixing the last flaps may require a pair of tweezers.

rhombic 1rhombic 2rhombic 3rhombic 4

rhombic 5rhombic 6rhombic 7rhombic 8

And a vector-pdf for cutting the pieces: rhombic dodecahedron three strips cut ; rhombic dodecahedron two strips cut

6 thoughts on “Woven Rhombic Dodecahedron

  1. You’re still amazing me with your brilliant paper woven work.
    it’s like eye candy to watch your creations.
    thank you for the sharing and the great tutes.
    really enjoy it;XD

  2. Hello!!
    My name is Malu and I live in Brazil. I loved these works on paper, but seeing the videos I noticed that you guys have a printer where the mold has cut out on paper. Where can I buy this? Could I get the name and the brand? Maybe I can buy it and the work would be more beautiful than cut with scissors.
    Thank you, I’m a fan of you!!

  3. This is probably my most favorite site on the whole Internet. I adore working with paper ,usually just origami, but this has opened up a whole new world to me! Your work is so-o-o beautiful!!

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