Balloon with Stripes #006

balloon with stripes 2

Balloon with stripes PRINTballoon with stripes 1

Anna considered that we should investigate ways to vary the pattern on the small balloons. When making the arms wavy a pattern resembling horizontal stripes emerge. The balloon is woven just like the balloon of Mobile #001. We have, however, included the improved basket and strip (3 sizes to choose from to make a perfect fit) also included with Balloon #005.

And a file for cutting: Balloon with stripes CUT

4 thoughts on “Balloon with Stripes #006

  1. Hi,

    First I would like to say Thank You for sharing your design they are fabulous. I was so inspired by your designs that I went out and bought a used Silhouette SD. I downloaded that software to my computer and tried to use an SVG file and it would not open. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi!
      When I want to cut something from one of my pdf(vector)-files, I do like this:
      I open a new document in Inkscape (free software) (A4 landscape usually). Then I import the pdf-file I want using highest resolution. This I save as a dxf-file “Using ROBO-master type of spline output”. The dxf-file I open from Silhouette Studio and I cut immediately. If it is to be very elegant I may select everything, “release”, remove the frame introduced, and “make” again. I may also rescale. The finished file I save as a studio-file to use again sometime. — This I do for my new Cameo. I see you have the Silhoette SD. That machine understands dxf-files too. Lene

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