Joined Heart #031 Crystal

joined heart 031 picture 1joined-heart-031-picture-2

This multi joined crystal heart is designed by Anna. It is made from shaped strips joined to form the triangles. It is quite fast, when you figure out the principle.

Joined basket 031 crystal pattern 1 Joined basket 031 crystal pattern 2

  • Choose the two colours (blue and red on the small pictures) you prefer and cut out the pieces of the two Pages (Page 1 = blue and Page 2 = red)
  • Arrange them as indicated on #1
  • Take one of the largest blue pieces and one of the narrow red centre pieces and join as indicated on #2
  • Add the next red piece #3. Join along both sides
  • Add the next blue piece #4. Join along both sides
  • Add the red heart blades #5. Join along both sides
  • Add the two small blue heart blades #6
  • Take the other largest blue piece and add on the other side of the red centre piece. The triangles must continue forming the same pattern #7
  • Add the other strips as you did before #8
  • Finally add the other red centre piece  #9
  • Crease carefully along the left and right symmetry lines and sharpen the edge. One full heart side is finished #10
  • Turn the heart #11. Now you must join along the open slid
  • This is the most difficult moment. Start from the heart’s point #12
  • Joining done #13
  • Add the handles if you like.

kryst 1kryst 2kryst 3kryst 4kryst 5kryst 6kryst 7kryst 8kryst 9kryst 10kryst 11kryst 12kryst 13

And files for cutting: Joined Basket 031 crystal cut 1 ; Joined basket 031 crystal cut 2

2 thoughts on “Joined Heart #031 Crystal

    • Not yet. We shall consider making one. In the mean time go to the “Joined” page. There you may find instructions in how to join. Actually it is just about placing the two pieces you wish to join in the exact position you want them and then twist around the slids one by one to make them join. Lene

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